"You guys had my back when I was ready to quit it all. I love you all so much for that. The week you certified me in diving I was having a real rough-go and I’m really glad you pushed me to do it and finish my certification. My “Small goal” list has started and has kept me going since then, I have enrolled back into college and trying to get my life back on track. For the first time in a long time, I am proud of myself and can look in the mirror. I can’t explain how the dive program helped me so much, It saved my life! Keep pushing this program on other Vets. I got your back brother, anytime you need me I will be there."




Scuba diving can be a therapeutic escape for some veterans and first responders dealing with PTSD, offering a unique environment to heal known by us as Saltwater Therapy.

The underwater world provides a serene setting, allowing individuals to focus on the present moment and alleviate the stress associated with their trauma. Many of our Hero’s find solace in the rhythmic breathing and weightlessness of scuba diving, fostering a sense of calmness. The buoyancy of water reduces the impact on the spine alleviating pain associated from injuries.

Wounded Waters understands that depression and suicide among our veteran community is at an all time high and scuba diving is a way to help combat that number through our dive programs. Saltwater therapy is a powerful experience that can help the veteran’s moral by teaching them to face the challenge in front of them under the water.


The majority of our Dive programs are run out of Vero Beach, FL. We have access to multiple pools in the local community including the Olympic sized Leisure Square Pool. We venture to Lake Denton located in-between Sebring and Avon Park, FL. This lake is set up for diving and a great place to train. There are multiple underwater obstacle courses, a giant cross used for pictures and many other things to see and experience. The lake can reach a depth of up to 50ft in certain locations.

When we are ready to advance to Open Water Diving, we use multiple resources including Blue Heron Bridge which is a phenomenal man-made reef located near Palm Beach Shores, FL. We use multiple Dive Charter Companies out of Riviera Beach to dive in numerous locations along the reef and wrecks that are available in this area. We also do limited trips around Florida including multiple spring dive sites and the Florida Keys, known as some of the best diving in the world.

Dive Locations and Info

Discover Scuba
This program introduces the veteran to scuba diving in a controlled pool type setting. These courses allow the experience of the underwater world without committing to a full dive certification. Veterans can benefit from the therapeutics aspects of scuba diving while exploring the basics of equipment use and underwater navigation.      

Handicap & Adaptive Diving Experiences
These programs are designed to cater to veterans with various physical abilities. These programs focus on making scuba diving accessible to individuals with disabilities, providing specialized equipment and support. Veterans with mobility challenges can still enjoy the benefits of underwater exploration through adaptive diving initiatives. This program not only promotes physical well-being but also contributes to the psychological and emotional healing of veterans, providing them with a unique and empowering underwater adventure.

Our instructors are partnered with the top dive industry certifying organization “PADI” to give the veteran the option to certify at many different levels. We offer certifications from the beginner “Open Water Diver” all the way through to the prestigious “Dive Master”. These courses vary in length and criteria needed to achieve these certifications. Our most popular courses are the Open Water & Advanced Open Water Dive certifications