Kevin Klepac (Founder)

I have served in the Army for over 18 years and I am still continuing to serve currently at Camp Shelby, MS. I have been stationed all over the world and done numerous combat deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. I am originally from Vero Beach, FL where I grew up with and learned my love for fishing and the outdoors from my father, family and friends. Fishing has always been an emotional experience for me and that’s why I love it. It’s a great way to let loose and forget about all your troubles and learn new ways to cope with things that might be going on in your life. That’s why I founded Wounded Waters to help save our Hero’s through fishing and outdoor recreation. 

Stephanie Klepac (President)

I was born and raised in Vero Beach, FL. I grew up fishing with my Dad out of an Airboat in the Florida everglades. I married Kevin Klepac back in 2006 and I have traveled all over the U.S. being an Army wife. I have learned all about the hardships and what our Veterans deal with day in and day out and that’s why I am passionate about Wounded Waters. Kevin and I have two amazing kids Kelsey and Blake, they are following in our footsteps learning the outdoors and love for fishing. 

Leslie Cameron (Secretary)

My name is Leslie Cameron and I work with the Wounded Waters Non-Profit as the secretary. I am the proud wife to Aaron Cameron and parent of Wyatt, Arianna and Averly. I am from Chattanooga, TN where I met my husband 10 years ago. When Aaron joined the Army, we moved to Ft Drum, NY for four years and later moved to Ft Campbell, KY where we met the Klepac’ s. Now we are back in Chattanooga where I work as a dental assistant/insurance coordinator for one of the top dental practices in town. I am so thankful and excited to be apart of this organization and getting the chance to work alongside great friends as we help our Heroes.

Christine Lazinksy (Treasurer)

I was born and raised in Vero Beach, FL. There I met my husband Nathon 15 years ago. I came from a long line of law enforcement officers, but I chose a career in finance. I now have over 15 years of experience in the banking industry. My husband is currently a Deputy for the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office. He has been a LEO for the last 15 years. I met Stephanie and Kevin in High School. Even though the Army has taken them all over the United States but we have always remained great friends and had a passion for the outdoors.

Joseph Faine

Joey served in the United States Army for 10 years, He has been stationed at many Duty Locations and in his time, he was also Deployed to Afghanistan for two tours. Joey was medically retired in 2017 at the rank of SSG, where he moved to Bowling Green, KY to pursue college and Major in Marketing from Western Kentucky University.  Joey is a lifelong outdoorsman and served with Kevin Klepac at Ft Knox KY and 1 Deployment to Afghanistan. This made Joey a natural fit for wounded waters. Joey is married to
Lauren Faine and they have a son Jackson.

Jesus Duran

I was born in Riverside, CA, but I was raised in Las Vegas, NV. I joined the Army in 2006 as a 17 year old boy, right after I graduated from high school. Being a “city boy” I was never really interested in things like fishing and hunting, but I really enjoyed playing sports. After I joined the Army, I found myself training in the field constantly, and began to enjoy being outdoors. When I was stationed in Fort Benning, GA, a friend of mine introduced me to catfishing and that became one of my biggest hobbies. I later learned more about fishing and hunting, and I would like to consider myself an outdoorsman now! I have been an Infantryman in the Army since July of 2006, and have held jobs such as a rifleman, automatic rifleman, fire team leader, squad leader, section leader and platoon sergeant. I have found myself answering our Nation’s call with combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. In my time in the Army, I have found myself enjoying the outdoors in Texas, Georgia, Colorado, Arizona, Tennessee, Kentucky, and am now stationed in Louisiana, also known as Sportsman’s Paradise. My wife and kids are my lifelong fishing and hunting partners. My wife, Sandra Duran, probably enjoys fishing more than I do! My kids Yubia, Jesse, and Caleb also love to be outdoors doing things ranging from hunting rabbit, dove, and deer, to fishing in both fresh and saltwater.

Dave Mahoney AKA “Doc”

Born and raised in Oregon, I grew up surrounded by the beautiful Northwest lakes, rivers, and mountains. I joined the Army in 2009 as a combat medic and deployed to Afghanistan twice attached to 2-2 INF, and later went to school to become a flight paramedic working for DUSTOFF medevac. I am currently assigned to the Medical Professional Training Brigade as an instructor. My wife, Steph, and I have 2 almost grown boys with only a few years before we are empty nesters. I have a passion for my fellow brothers and sisters that have been wounded both physically and mentally which is why I became a medic in the first place.

Brinton Haskins

I am a proud retired Army Veteran who grew up in Roulette, PA. There I spent my youth hunting and fishing the Appalachian Mountains. My father raised me to hunt deer and fowl, including turkey, pheasant, and grouse. My uncle showed me how to fly fish trout in our cold river waters. I am grateful to have these skills and I cherish the many memories of both my uncle and my father. I joined the Army in 1998, after graduating high school, as an armored crew member on the M1 Series Battle Tank. While enlisted, I served as a Recruiter, Instructor, Drill Sergeant, and Platoon Sergeant. I was deployed 4 times over my career to Bosnia, twice to Iraq, and to Kosovo. When I retired in 2017, I moved to New Braunfels, Tx with my amazing wife, Alisha, and three terrific kids, Abbigail, Taylor, and Maysie. I started fishing bass tournaments and eventually began to guide fishing trips on my Z20 Pro bass boat. When I take people out on the water it is a joy to see both the young and the old smile as they enjoy the outdoors. I’ve recently teamed up with Kevin Klepac, a fellow Army recruiter, who I hunted, and trout fished with while stationed in PA. He started Wounded Waters to take Veterans on the water so they can deal with issues, relax and enjoy life with fellow Veterans. I could not agree more on the need for interactions and opportunities like this for vets and I am honored to be a part of the organization. 

Tiffany Synychak

Hi! My name is Tiffany Synychak. I was born and raised in Brooksville, FL. I joined the Military in 2001 and served four years in Minot AFB, North Dakota. I moved back to FL in 2005 and Married. We moved to Alabama in 2010. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2017 and my Masters in 2019. I have been teaching for three years. I currently live in Roanoke Al with my husband and our Children. When I am not teaching Science to sixth graders, I am usually out in the woods hunting, fishing or spending time with family. Wounded Waters means a lot to me because the Military was the start of my independence and love for supporting our active, retired, and veteran service members. The cause is a great opportunity for our service members to continue to be involved with their community and show the importance of their skills from BDU’s to flip flops.